Overview of Capabilities  

Committed to Quality

At Apex we realize that for our customers, HVAC is mission-critical.  Our customers utilize HVAC to create and maintain comfortable, safe, efficient, and productive environments.  At the heart of achieving these ends, are mechanical systems and the people that operate them.  We work with you to keep your systems maintained and running smoothly or to come up with solutions to even your most perplexing problems. 

Meeting your Expectations for Excellence

For even the most demanding of HVAC needs, Apex has the capabilities and the skill to produce exceptional results.   With outstanding technical expertise, advanced tools, resources, and ample experience, we will meet your expectations for excellence.

Whether it is your whole system, or just an individual component, we Service, Maintain, Retrofit, and Replace across the whole spectrum of mechanical needs-- just look at our capabilities to the left!

Successful Companies choose Apex 

You are not the only one to discover Apex.  Many successful companies entrust us to service, maintain, retrofit and replace their mechanical systems.  We are honored to serve a wide variety of customers, from the signature buildings of several REIT’s portfolios, to world-class data centers and telecommunication facilities, leading broadcasters, national retailers and small businesses.  All have discovered that Apex is an excellent choice.